School Project・
Raise tutoring school (Google ads banner)

Raisejuku photo
For a school project, I designed a banner that was intended to be a Google ad for Raise Juku, a (fictional) tutoring school that has started online classes.

Skill : Photoshop/Illustrator

Project duration : 3 days

Project summary:

  • I tried to create a design to draw people’s attention by making information about the new membership campaign stand out. The words “new membership fee 0 yen” were enlarged to emphasize the best deal.
  • The text in the speech balloon was made in Illustrator.
  • The demographic for this banner is first and second-year high school students who are preparing for University entrance exams, as well as their parents.
  • I created a button that leads people to request a brochure or register for classes.
  • Since new school terms are in April, I chose pink as the accent color and designed cherry blossom petals, the symbol of spring.

All campaign information is placed on the right side for easy viewing. In addition, a cherry blossom petal motif was added to the background space.