School Project・
RaiseTech (Google ads banner)

I designed a banner for a school project that was intended to be a Google ad for “RaiseTech”.

Skill : Photoshop

Project duration : 4 days

Project summary:

  • I thought the first impression was essential and made the advertising slogan stand out in the banner.
  • This banner is targeted at people who are interested in changing careers to become engineers.
  • I came up with a slogan that would interest people with no experience in the IT industry.
  • The school’s strengths and advantages are highlighted in orange.
  • To guide people who saw the banner, I created a button for them to join the free information session.

For this banner, I designed it with an emphasis on directing users outside their area of interest. Therefore, there is a lot of information to be conveyed, and I struggled with how to make the text easy to read.