Hamburger Website (fictitious)

RaiseTech-hamburger-single photo
Based on the design comp created in XD, I built a static HTML site with coding, converted it to WordPress, and uploaded it to a live server. This was a school project.

Skill : HTML/CSS/SASS/FLOCSS/jQuery/WordPress

Project duration : 41 days

Project summary :

  • The use of FLOCSS, a CSS architecture, has made it easier to manage CSS.
  • I started with mobile-first coding and worked up to responsive layout design for tablets and PCs.
  • The animated hamburger menu was created with jQuery and CSS.
  • I used WordPress(CMS) to convert a static HTML site to WordPress.
  • Using the WordPress Theme Check plugin, I checked my theme and fixed some errors within the theme.
  • I imported the WordPress unit test data and checked to see if each website page was displayed correctly.
  • I signed up with a web hosting provider and migrated the WordPress site from a localhost to a live server.

I started building the file directory in FLOCSS and reviewed the markup multiple times, including naming tags and classes.
When converting to WordPress, I wrote PHP code while searching online.
At first, I was plagued with errors where nothing appeared in my browser when migrating my WP site from localhost to a live server, but those errors helped me learn more about the server.

The source code is available on GitHub.